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An Pudhu Kavithai in its full steam of operations, with its nitty-gritties in business operations, relationship between various departments and people; the story of work place dynamics and politics, it would be one with which every Pudhu Kavithai goer of the present and past would relate to. As much as a story of work place, it is also an intense love story between two characters employed in the same organization. A story that every one would want their love story to be like.

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  1. Ppppaaaaaaaaaa yaarya eva pei mathiri... when she gives the coffee lifts her eyes to see the mappillai she looks just like an Yakshi... anytime might pounce on him to suck his blood!!!!.... aaahaaaaa!!!!!!

    Oru ponnu pakura event ku eva potta make up remba remba over...

    1. look at the brief note above for Puthu Kavithai.
      it should be for Office serial.


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