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Office Office -18.03.2014 & 19.03.2014 | Vijay Tv This Week Full Version
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Vijay Stars Uriyadi By Office
Vijay Stars Breaking Of Sugarcane
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Naduvula Konjam Disturb Pannuvom Dhik Dhik DHik
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Naduvula Konjam Disturb Pannuvom Office Team
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  1. How come Techsatish page was unavailable all day?

    What happened to the Office serial index?

    Where are all the videos?

    Where are all the comments?

    Please bring everything back Techsatish.

    1. They updated techsatish page...

      Surya Kishore

    2. Techsatish upload office promo we r waiting its releaased on youtube.



  3. where episode? everything got deleted here?

  4. differences are 24 hour clock now and no ads on the sides good change but where did all the content go? its just an empty site now




  6. KaRa forever

  7. Office is the best! Karthik and Raji forever!

    1. Promo upload pannago office

  8. What happened to the comments. We need it. Please bring back. thanks

  9. ellam poche :(

  10. PLEASE BRING BACK OFFICE EPISODES AND COMMENTS. the show is hitting 100 episodes soon and we want all episodes here. please

  11. July 26 office updates

    - raji talks to her father about how she misses everyone and she wants to come back home
    - she tells her new boss is not nice
    - karthik asks raji how everything went with her dad and why he came
    - raji says he came to tell me he is groom seeking
    - karthik says congrats and gives his hand but raji stares at him
    - he says so now they will find a maapilai that is at least 4 years older than you and you will like that. all this time age was a problem for you
    - Raji says no its nothing like that age is not a problem for me
    - karthik smiles and says if age is not a problem then i know someone who you may like
    - raji says its ok i know how to take care of it and i will see someone both look at each other and smile
    - vishnu brings wine for kavya but karthik says this is all wrong and says he will call lakshmi
    - karthik takes vishnu to his room instead
    - raji asks karthik to double check her spelling
    - karthik says her spelling is correct and that she can also use spell check
    - the phone rings few times and raji gets scared and picks up phone right away
    - karthik asks whats wrong and raji says how viswanathan wants her to send him emails also and he prints it out and if it is wrong he throws it in my face
    - karthik asks how come she wont talk back and be bold
    - raji says she cannot do that to him
    - she says she feels very inferior and sad now because of him. She is doubting that she is not fit for this job and if any problems come she will leave the job
    - karthik tells her to be bold and strong and to not go
    - he says he will speak for raji because he cannot and would not let anyone hurt her
    - raji smiles at him
    - Raji sitting in canteen and karthik and Vishnu join
    - they ask what is wrong and raji says how viswa is insulting her asking her wrong questions and talking bad about her
    - karthik says you need to speak up now and face him
    - raji says its hard to do that
    - viswa comes and raji gets up right away and Vishnu get up for respect
    - karthik tells them both to sit down
    - viswa asks what are you guys doing here, karthik says why do people come to the canteen
    - viswa says he needs a report of everything they do and karthik says no because susan told us not to give any information to others without her permission
    - viswa says he is susan’s boss also and he can do anything he wants to karthik’s job
    - karthik says no you cannot and viswa leaves
    - Vishnu asks why you did all this machan and karthik says he hurt and made raji cry so I just made him mad im not afraid of him I will raise my hand too if he goes over
    - raji then quietly asks karthik did you fight for me?
    - karthik says yes and he smiles at her and raji smiles back at him

  12. PLEASE UPLOAD OLD OFFICE EPISODES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  14. waiting promo plssssssssss

  15. innum nirrayha twists varruth intha serialil.dai kaarthik,un kaikhu etthinathu un vaikhu ethhuma?

  16. office updates july 29

    - recap of fri epi
    - 4 friends talk about canteen issue
    - raji asks karthik why he never got scared she asks him to take him to a restaurant on Friday to tell him something
    - sales team anbu calling from road
    - pulli comes
    - katai comes all lied saying they got sale but they r all eating even their boss is there now
    - lakshmi raji in canteen raji says she likes karthik and feels safe with him
    - karthik has to tke late slip and see visu but he refuses
    - karthik raji talk raji gives him chocolate bar
    - karthik says he will take her to a nice place

    No precap

  17. what happened to todays episode.not yet uploaded.please upload soon.

  18. 100 episode office updates july 30

    - raji gives chocolate to karthik because today is the 100th day from when she first saw him
    - flashback plays of first epi
    - raji remembers first day and correct time they met
    - karthik asks how will you feel if I remember
    - raji mindvoice I would hug u tight and kiss you not one kiss but a dozen kisses but you missed it
    - karthik then gives her an enveleope and raji takes out the card that says happy 100
    - raji smiles and looks at him
    - karthik gives a gift now
    - raji is surprised and says we think alike
    - karthik says we r made for each other both shake hands
    - karthik asks for the dozens now
    - raji surprised that karthik read her mind
    - he says I'm in your manase of course I can read it
    - both smile
    - vishnu goes to give lakshmi a gift now

    - sales team

    - visu and susan he compares her team with susans team
    - kaushik team done project in 4 days including weekends
    - susan team only has ten percent done
    - visu yell at susan and her work given to kaushik team now
    - kaushik smile
    - visu says susan dat she has a bad team and to let them go so she comes forward in her job

    - 4 friends talking lakshmi say how kaushik finished their work
    - karthik says its not fair there r still 6 days left
    - raji say how susan upset in her room now
    - vishnu taking things lightly
    - karthik says let's talk to visu (or maybe he said susan never heard properly)
    - raji says I'm not coming he did this all because of me and he is only going to yell
    - lakshmi refuses also
    - karthik go alone

    - karthik goes to susan room and susan angry and yells about everything to karthik
    - she says whole team is bad
    - susan now talks about each member and how they waste time and tells him to leave

    No precap

    1. Today episode mix of romance and serious
      No precap this week for suspense
      Kara forever

      Thx for updates...


  20. vaalthukal office teamke


  22. kara forever dont separate them

  23. office is the best serial

  24. Friday episode of office is perfect!!
    Good direction good acting
    Karthikeyan and Sruthi super again and again
    But hate this weekend tension.

  25. Friday updates

    Raji about to say I love you but someone from her house calls and says something happened to her dad. Raji gets shocked and says dad then faints and karthik catches her head and holds her then he takes the phone and listens.

    1. Super thx I was karthik raji again problems for sure raaji wedding plans. I hope raji appa no die I like him

  26. ────(♥)(♥)(♥)────(♥)(♥)(♥) __ ɪƒ ƴσυ'ʀє αʟσηє,
    ──(♥)██████(♥)(♥)██████(♥) ɪ'ʟʟ ɓє ƴσυʀ ѕɧα∂σѡ.
    ─(♥)████████(♥)████████(♥) ɪƒ ƴσυ ѡαηт тσ cʀƴ,
    ─(♥)██████████████████(♥) ɪ'ʟʟ ɓє ƴσυʀ ѕɧσυʟ∂єʀ.
    ──(♥)████████████████(♥) ɪƒ ƴσυ ѡαηт α ɧυɢ,
    ────(♥)████████████(♥) __ ɪ'ʟʟ ɓє ƴσυʀ ρɪʟʟσѡ.
    ──────(♥)████████(♥) ɪƒ ƴσυ ηєє∂ тσ ɓє ɧαρρƴ,
    ────────(♥)████(♥) __ ɪ'ʟʟ ɓє ƴσυʀ ѕɱɪʟє.
    ─────────(♥)██(♥) ɓυт αηƴтɪɱє ƴσυ ηєє∂ α ƒʀɪєη∂,
    ───────────(♥) __ ɪ'ʟʟ ʝυѕт ɓє ɱє.
    __________________ Karthik + Raji.

  27. please upload promo

  28. I have a good News for the DieHard OFFICE SERIAL FANS. I have Identified a Website, which Streams VIJAY TV's USA BROADCAST,.
    Fortunately OFFICE Serial is Broadcasted at 07:30 PM Indian time, in that website. You can watch our Favorite OFFICE Serial Exactly from 07:28 PM, in HD Quality.
    But make sure that you have a Decent Internet Speed, Otherwise you will face LATENCY Issue.(Where Dialogues will come first and the video later).

    1. that's really cool..but 7.28pm is india time is it? people in Malaysia should what it at 9.58pm is it

  29. Anon 3:52 wat exactly we r suppose to do in this link to watch the videos

  30. promo plssssssssss

  31. AUG 4 office PROMO

    Susan tells raji she likes karthik

    Lakshmi slaps vishnu for going out with kavya

    Raji tells lakshmi that her family is most important for her

  32. UPLOAD OFFICE PROMO already telecasted on tv

  33. Aug 5 updates

    Karthik thinking about falls location and them holding hands and raji words
    3 friends at office all asking karthik how raji dad is he don't know since phone off
    Karthik mad that raji never called him once and he keeps calling her

    Raji comes to office all iinquire about her her dad had heart attack (her face all sad and swollen)
    Karthik mad at her since no phone call
    She says sorry to vishnu but really meaning to karthik

    karthik yells at raji asking her who does she think he is
    He asks if he never thought about her
    Raji says I was constantly thinking about u can't u see in my eyes
    Raji explains what happened and how her family wants to get her married asap and she doesn't know wat to do
    KR in balcony and karthik asks raji if he loves her
    Raji says I like u a lot
    Karthik says I love you deeply raaji u are the best girl I have seen.
    Raji surprised with sudden proposal
    Karthik says its hard to know if the girl even likes u or not
    Raji almost crying

    Lakshmi feels like hitting raji but raji said I explained my situation

  34. Thanks for ur update..

  35. Aug 8 episode is nice one still separated but its emotional and nice to see karthik and raji like this. i love this pair so much!

  36. promo plsssssssssssss

  37. please upload promo

  38. Aug 11 promo

    Vishnu asks lakshmi to forgive him

    Karthik tells vishnu how viswanathan is praising raji

  39. Karthik Raji forever don't separate them

  40. waiting promo

  41. Techsatish pls correct serial index you forgot to put this week promo under aug 11 video

  42. Aug 11 Updates.
    Last week's update.
    Part 1- K & R look at V. He says L slapped him.K asks about what happened.R & K teases V. R says L likes V that's why she slapped. K says that's not true. Again he teases R that if ur dad ask you to come you will leave me and go. R gets tensed. V gets annoyed he asks KR for help. K warns V not to go out with Kavya. K & R in conf room. She asks if he is hating her. K says about their love. L comes in R & K talks about V & L problem. L is not convinced. She is mad @ V. She says V is not loyal and doesn't understand her. L praises K. R gets tensed. After L leaves R says nowadays L likes only you. K says he will get a girl who understands him. R leaves.
    Sales team.....Manju entry...

    Part 2- V comes to cubicles....Visu is sitting in K's chair and yells V about coming late. He plays and shows his favourite ring tone "goundamani dialogue" and teases him. K comes in. V is happy that K is also going to get grilled. Visu yells V and K. R comes in. R too gets grilled. R cries and visu says if she cries one more time she will lose her job. He asks VK&R to leave (includes L's name too) and come next day at correct time.

    part 3- VKR @ balcony and discuss about Visu. R says K has changed. She says when Visu scolded her K enjoyed it. He says Visu's reason was correct so he didn't talk back. R then says K is insulting her too much. This Karthi is not her old Karthi. This new K is insulting her, making her feel very guilty and cry. She says she feels herself as wrong person. More than Visu K is hurting her too much and leaves. L comes in and asks about all standing out. K explains and L asks why R left with tears. V says K didn't support R when visu insulted her. L says K shouldn't let R down at any cost. K says everyone is supporting R and no one is understanding K and leaves with anger. V asks sorry to L she says there is nothing between them anymore. No precap.

    1. thanks a lot......friends

  43. aug 13 epi

    raji gets praised for writing email properly
    karthik mad at this
    vishnu feeling very sad because of lakshmi

  44. If you want Office at 8 pm instead of 10 pm:

    1) Ask Vijay tv through their social medias

    2) Email

    and tell them to move their serial time for Office. Deivam Thandha Veedhu is boring, better to have Office at 8pm.

  45. Aug 14 2013
    part 1
    Aug 14 updates.. L & V @ canteen. Talk about their relationship. Lakshmi impressed by V's talk to K. She says she is not angry anymore but she is not back to normal. She has forgiven him but not forgotten the incident so he need to build confidence and be loyal so she can be normal. V plays "avathapaiya song"...LV all smiles..
    K stands @ balcony. R asks K about LV union. He says they both love truly so got back. R asks K to look in to her eyes and say about her love. He looks at her eyes but says there is no love in her eyes. OMG I can't describe that cute scene please watch it. Again K talks about her confusions and decisions. R gets emotional.
    VK @ cubicles. V says thanks to K for uniting them. K says his true love united them. R comes in. VKR talk about Visu. Phone rings. HR David calls R. KV talk about R's love. R gets some paper and hides it in her bad after KV leaves for tea break...don't know what it is...Raji face not good!!

  46. Part 2- KV @ canteen David comes in. V wants to tease David. He says he knew what they want to ask. KV gets tensed what they want. David says they won't get confirmational letter any soon. He says Visu asked David to put a hold on KV's confirmation letter. He says raji got it. V mad at R.

  47. Part 3- RKV @ cubicles. KV wait for R to tell about letter. R thinks should she wait for couple more days to say about letter(in the mean time they may also get it). K gives chocolate to R and congratualtes her. V says since K fought for R Visu holded their confimrational letter. R feels guilty. K leaves for tea break. V says R won't get a best person like K so asks her to say her love soon.
    No precap.

  48. Today KaRa little eyelock was the best part of the episode.

    1. yes.......very nice scene.

  49. Is there office tomorrow friends?

    1. i think no friend.

  50. Aug 16update
    Part 1: Raji and Karthi @ cubicles. K gets call from his mom . R enquires about his call. K says his mom looking for a girl.R says K's is going to be love marraige. K says who ever says to him love first he is going to say Ok for them. R says r u going to accept ur love to Susan. He says yes and goes to susan. K hesitates and leaves. He again stimulates susan. Susan says she likes K very much. K says he likes susan too much. He says she is a wonderful woman. Susan compels him K says he wants to start with I and send with U inbetween you guess something....Susan thinks its I LOVE YOU and is all smiles

    R and V @ balcony. R enquires if K said ILU to Susan. V laughs. V says K is not like that. R accepts her love for K. V says R needs to take a decision.

  51. Part 2: Vishnu and Laskhmi scene. L again warns V. V gets call froom some girl..he calls all girls - sister!.

  52. Part 3: S,L & R @ conf room. Susan enquires them about KV. She says HR team complained about her team. She says KR and VL love. She wanted to know about K & R. L says no one is loving all are friends. Susan asks about KR love. She says no. Susan says she knew about K. RAJI DID FOOLISH...Susan accepts her love for K. R & L SHOCKED. Next week precap - Susan hugs Karthick and congratulates him.

    1. Karthi and Raji both did wrong today. Karthi wantedly made Susan fall for him just to tease Raji. IT WAS HIGHLY IRRITATING TO SEE RAJI's FACE IN PART 3...

  53. NEW PROMO...

    1. i hate suzan.

    2. Director always tries to lead us in wrong direction. We should not worry. Karthik doesn't look comfortable in Susan's office. Perhaps he might tell Susan that he is engaged with some other girl. Can we expect Raji's proposal on his birthday?

  54. Aug 19, 2013 updates
    Part 1
    Lak and Raji @ canteen. R cries.Lak says u didn't say anything so K is going to accept Susan. R says K won't accept. L says as of now K will say yes to Susan. L talks justice about K-R relationship. V K comes. V enquires about crying. K asks about if her dad is ill. She says yes and asks her not to worry.
    Again R @ canteen. K comes in. Asks about R if she ate food. K is very caring. He gets food for R. K compels R to eat food. R says K is mad at R always. K says she donesn't have to worry about K anymore and get married to the guy whom her dad finds. R is upset evenmore. She cries and leaves. LV scene.

  55. part 2:VK @ canteen. Kaushik talks to VK about confirmatioal letter. He says susan won't help VK in getting letter and says new people are coming to the office with high salary.

    1. OFFICE PROMO plsssss

      KR forever

  56. Part 3: VKRL and susan @ room. They discuss about confirmational letter. K says susan has confirmational letter. She teases all 4. K says he understoond SUsan very well and she got the letter. SHe is happy and gives letter to both of them. She hugs K and appreciates. K praises susan and susan praises him back. RVL sad. Susan cries. K asks why she is crying. She says him PODA and asks R to take a pic of K and susan.
    Precap: R says to K that susan loves K.

    1. Thanks!!

      Again not a happy mood at office. When will Raji stop crying? She can only wallow in self-pity. I am still getting the feeling that something is strange in Susan's behaviour from reading the updates. Is she going to be saint/devil for KR love?

    2. Don't worry she cried because karthick has understood well and wants him.

  57. Monday episode little kr moments cute even if they are fighting and separated.

    but hug at the end with photo is too much!

  58. hi friends....!!!
    two weeks before promo la "raji karthik shoulderla saanji azhara madhiri" oru scene kamichanga... that was outdoor scene... adhu mudinjita... if yes, which episode???
    plz friends tell me

  59. hi friends....!!!
    two weeks before promo la "raji karthik shoulderla saanji azhara madhiri" oru scene kamichanga... that was outdoor scene... adhu mudinjita... if yes, which episode???
    plz friends tell me

    1. No its NT yet over..they only showed in the promo bt not yet shown in the episode..

    2. Its actually considered to be over. Kone falls episode than athu. They first shot wat was in the promo. Donno some story change. Raji was in a diff costume n Karthik same as prev.

  60. Aug 20
    part 1
    Part 1
    Raji and Lak @ balcony and Raji is mad about susan hugging Karthi. Lak explains about friendly hug. VK joins them. V brings some pack and says that is Susan pic and she is god for them. Lak gets irritated. K supports V. K says susan is good even there is something between them what is wrong. He praises susan alot and says if she asks whatever I WILL DO IT FOR HER. Raji sad.
    RL @ canteen. L asks why R is following K. R says they both are very close and says be careful with V as he is also praising susan. L says V won't do anything. R says K won't say No to Susan. L says better say ILU to K. L warns R should not say about susan love to K at anypoint. V hears it. l warns V not to open this to K. K joins them and enquires about what they were talking. R @ balcony and plays with rain drops. K admires it. They talk about rain. She talks about kovilpatti. She asks if R gets married according to her dads wish if K will be mad at her. He says Yes. He asks R to say a kavidhai. Both of them say kavidhai.

  61. Part 2: VL scene. V says he is scared of rain. They also talk about rain. VL romance...

  62. part 3:RK @ cubicles. Her phone rings but doesn't notice. K asks her to pick up the phone. She says she will talk later as She is mad at her dad. K asks why? she says why her dad is not listening to her. K convinces R. R says before she decides everything will go out of her hand. K says R is suspecting K and susan. She says susan loves K. He doesn't believe K. R calls L and she says yes. K gets shocked. no precap


    so happy karthik knows about susan liking him.

    1. without susan i am happy today

    2. Dont understand , she is the boss, very much older maybe 6 or more years older than karthik furthermore a divorce..Interest with her own staff. ...really embracing. Shd be partly karthik fault too, overly entertain and bother her....
      I hate Susan . Simply like to hug guys only. .shameless ...I think in Western country also don't practice hugging system.

  64. Aug 21 updates
    Part 1:
    - KVR @ cubicles. K is tensed V teases him. R asks what he has decided. He says he hasn't decided anything yet as she didn't say anything to him. She asks K to say no to her. Again she irritates him. K says nothing is there between him and susan and confirms his love for R.
    - Vishnu and Visu scene. Visu teases Vishnu again. He yells him for his looks and behaviors of Vishnu...insults him a lot...
    - Karthi comes to susan office. Again he praises about her beauty.She asks why he didn't come and meet her. She says she went to some guest lecture and they presented a male watch she gives to him. He refuses. He asks why can't she get married again. She looks at K very emotional. Susan indirectly talks about karthi but doesn't say to him. He takes the watch. She asks if he likes her. He says he likes her alot.

  65. Part 2
    RL@cubicle. R shows some letter. Susan asks R to give some letter to K. L teases R. L asks her to throw the letter. L says lets read the letter -susan has written a kavidhai for K...ore love feel.R gets irritated. R says to give the letter to K.SHe doesn't want to hide it. She places the letter on K's desk. GREAT RAJI...APPRECIATE YOU!

  66. Part 3
    RL wait for K. They wait to see his reaction. V comes. She enquires about K. He says K already came to the office. V asks about the letter on K's desk. R says she doesn't know. V wants to open it. R refuses. But V takes the letter. L comes in and stops V. He also reads the letter. K comes in looks at RV they both look at him very confused. He picks up the letter. He reads it and goes to Susan's office. No precap.

  67. Aug 21 episode confusing what is karthik going to tell susan at the end? i think director has some twist planned because in promo susan tells the girls she will propose on birthday so how karthik can tell her tom epi no. suspense suspense.

  68. aug 22 episode i hate with karthik susan scenes!!!!

  69. DO NOT REPLACE KARTHIK SRUTHI IN OFFICE we love karthik sruthi in office so much.

    1. why...are they planning to change them

  70. no .......friends

  71. AUG 25 PROMO

    Lakshmi tells raji to tell her love to karthik
    Karthik asks vishnu how he can live with raji if she is hesitating to say love
    Vishnu asks us who will say love first susan or karthik

  72. Thx for promo...its sad promo still raji never say love and. Karthik now leaving raji also sad.
    Its too bad

  73. For more Office updates

    Karthikeyan twitter

    Susane twitter

  74. Write to Office Team

    Vijay TV – Office
    Post Box No. 8484
    Chennai 600 034

  75. thurs epi KaRa scene cute!!!

  76. Friday episode part 2 most romantic ever!!!!

    Karthikeyan and Sruthi HOT !!!!

    Karthik Raji forever muaahh love you both

    1. The Phone Convo with KR is romantic (not sure if part 1 of part 2)

    2. part 1.........friends

  77. KARA love you love love love love you guys awesome

  78. phone scene so romantic when karthik call raji and says ennada and solluda in caring way its very touching to see. i just loved this episode because of karthikeyan and sruthi. sruthi makes me feel little jealous in phone scene.

  79. Office Sept 1 promo

    Lakshmi asks raji to wait and tell what happened
    Raji is crying and saying its over between her and karthik because her engagement is finished with another guy
    Susan proposes to karthik and he just looks at her


  80. After seeing promo it makes us all mad and sad that again kr separated. Maybe office will go similar to the uk version. Kr could end up together only in the end or they could not be together at all. Saw the promo and my heart broke its bad to see this promo I can't believe raji got engaged without stopping it she should have told her family no she loves karthik everyone will hate raji character poor sruthi raj will get scolded but her performance is excellent. I don't have the desire to continue the show with kr separated I just can't believe story going like this what happened over night? Her dad must have emotional blackmailed her and she got engaged but still very bad of raji!!

    Still very upset after seeing promo...

  81. Pls upload promo....

  82. stupid director sad raji and karthik


  84. office promo enga pa

  85. UK Version has only two season..Our tamil office tele serial is slightly copied from US Series which has total season of 1-9 as of now..Leads getogether in season3...Heroine breaks her marriage unable to compromise her love and both get married..






  87. office monday episode in 19 hours!


    - susan proposes and tells karthik to tell his answer over dinner tonight
    - karthik keep asking lakshmi about raji
    - no word on raji
    - karthik susan go for dinner
    - karthik driving and hits a guy on a bike
    - susan tells karthik to leave since he doesnt have license
    - karthik calls vishnu
    - susan in police station and karthik and vishnu go to station

  89. office episodes 10 minutes longer!

  90. two days boringggggggggggggggg

  91. Indha serial karthik Raji Susan Lakshmi Vishnu,ivanga 5 Peru kulla suthi vandha ok aana
    naduvula ethuku sales team endru oru mokka scenea kattruranga???Thevaiya illa!!!
    Indha madhan priya soundrya ellam avoid panna mathiri ivvangala avoid pannunga.


  92. Today mokka imagination by Raji in flash back, this guys really just wants to pass off the episodes, they dont know how to take story forward . They just want to pass through episodes by bull shitting. Office sucks! Karthick and Raji is such a irritating couples.

  93. sept 5 episode is full of sruthi. super acting by sruthi she can really emote. but its a sad episode throughout . i thought raji has mother and father but she only has father. maybe meesai will die soon? or maapilai will never come to chennai.

  94. Karthick comes to know that raji gets engaged he bashes raji left and right orally raji cries , Karthick wishes her all the best and asks her not to do any sort of drama to make him believe that she still loves him. No suspense ending it ends without any suspense thank you finally for giving this week episode with full stop.

    1. ivlo than update ah?

  95. KaRa forever true love never fails

  96. promoooooooooooooo please

  97. where is office promo........................

  98. promo plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    1. Tomorrow is a holiday maybe they'll release it on Monday. It's good to have a tension free weekend. Enjoy.

  99. Already missing the show. Please don't give any shocking promo tomorrow. It's a holiday so let the people be happy. Still waiting Karthi & Raji to get united.

  100. happy ganesh chathurthi office

  101. Spet. 10 updates

    - raji have flashback where she bought a shirt for karthik.
    - karthik looks at shirt and its very ugly but he says he likes it for raji
    - raji wants him to wear it now but karthik says he will another day
    - raji convinces him to wear it and he changes into the shirt
    - vishnu and lakshmi make fun of his shirt
    - raji upset about this
    - sales team continue their galatta
    - vichu yells at susan that she needs to work harder not give excuses anymore
    - raji asks karthik to take his anger out on her by hitting her or yelling at her
    - karthik gets mad and says to leave him alone
    - vishnu asks raji why she is still working at netech
    - raji says she came back for karthik
    - she wants to be with karthik and live with him but that is not happening now so the last 4 months she is at netech because she wants to see him and spend some time with him
    - karthik comes raji looks at him maanipaya music playing and she sad
    - susan applied for license for karthik and gives him the paper
    - she says how she likes him again (kodumai pa!)
    - raji dad calls her ringtone now changed to po nee po
    - dad asks about her then mom calls and she says no i dont want any jewelry (she has a mom??)
    - calls comes again and she tells karthik she cannot switch ring tone
    - vishnu changes her ring tone now
    - raji asks karthik if she should resign since lakshmi said to do that and nobody likes her anymore
    - karthik says yes its better if you leave

    - karthik asks raji if he will get another chance
    - raji crying
    - karthik says he feels like kidnapping raji and taking her some place far away from everyone
    - he wants to go some place far with just the two of them

    1. Thanks for the update. Nalla irundha paiyana kidnap panra alavukku Yosika vechuta Indha ponnu Raji

  102. Serial pookura pooka paatha I think karthik will elope with Raji to a deserted place where there is no disturbance for their beautiful life.
    Aana director sir would not let it happen.
    If what I think doesn't happen,chennaila strike vandha kuda shock illa!!!


    1. LOL!!!Gd 1 there Vinodh.
      I like ur thought...


  103. indha raji aunty,susan aunty tholla thanga mudialapa.....karthik pavam avana vitrunga...oru nala figure aa pathukatum avan

  104. sept. 12 updates

    - raji maapilai name is sakthivel
    - karthik yells at raji because she used the stapler on his desk
    - karthik raji fight
    - karthik and susan eat susan's food
    - susan lies that her car fixed to come on bike with karthik
    - karthik compares susan and raji
    - vishnu plans 2 phone calls to unite karthik raji


    - vishnu calls meesai and tells news
    - meesai gets chest pain
    - vishnu calls susan
    - susan shocked hearing karthik loves raji

    1. Good job Vishnu! Finally the story is moving to the next step.

    2. Yes!!Luv u Vishnu!!!!!!!Nalla Vella panna!!!


    - sales team advises raji to accept karthik
    - shakthi calls raji says he is coming next week
    - raji absent for meeting vichu yells
    - new project given to susan and kaushik teams
    - raji says lets get married karthik but first you must tell susan that you love me not her
    - raji says you are so grateful to susan for her 1 day help and you wont say no to her think about how grateful i am to my father who raised me
    - we both are cowards not only me
    - vishnu calls meesai and susan and tells news


    karthik says he is leaving netech tomorrow
    raji upset she says she will go since its her fault

  106. Sept 16 office promo

    Looks like raji got mad because of vishnu plan. And said she doesn't like karthik.
    Karthik saying I love you to nobody I think
    Vishnu ruined everything the phone call now with karthik.


  108. promove upload paane pa

  109. Hi,friends,Please dont get annoyed base on the promo.Vishnu already said ini episode 131, problems need to face ib narather works but ending will be happy ending.
    I feel karthik will leave nettech before raji's wedding and unfortunately her wedding will be cancelled.
    Hope that the wedding cancelled Raji will continue work at Nettech , bold in her work or maybe become a TL.
    Meanwhile dont know karthik will mingle with who...
    One fine day he will back to nettech or accidently call Raji and reliase she is not married yet.The relationship will continue again...
    Dir are genius and your story are super . Your actors are super..
    All the actors acting accordly you want , appreciate them.
    Whatever your plan..KR must united.


    1. We would appreciate it if the story moves on without any fights. We want to see happy KR couple without S.

  110. Appada oru vazhiya KaRa seperated!!!!!Well done Vishnu!!!
    Appada oru vazhiya KaRa seperated!!!!!Well done Vishnu!!!
    Appada oru vazhiya KaRa seperated!!!!!Well done Vishnu!!!


    Vicky Ram;)

  111. I had seen 2day (16/9/13) episode and felt like its mokkai!!!Lakshmi interview 2 candidates and the 2nd women called kohdhai is super funny!!!She says that she came from some collage called soorimuthu aiyannar collage and her English is chaos!!I hate Raji in this episode!!!!I am sure every1 will hate her in this epi!!!
    Raji thalaila kalla thooki poota kuuda enn kovam theerathu!!

    Susan Lakshmi and Raji talks something in Susan's cabin.susan suddenly asks Raji if she loves karthik!!Lakshmi mind voice tells Raji to say yes I love karthik!!Aana intha loosu Raji tells that they are just friends and there is no relationship between them!!!
    Lakshmi Rajikita koochikuvaa!!!

    Mean while Lakshmi selects 2 candidates and they are super makku!!So vishwanathan scolds Lakshmi for choosing 2 silly person!!!lakshmi gets sad!!!

    Then Susan tells karthik that Raji told her that she does not like karthik.When karthik asks who told her that they are in love,Susan tells him that she got a complain from the HR!!!!!Appuram Susan patti karthikita cilla mokka advice sollva!!!!Karthik itha keathukitu avalidam vazhivan!!!

    Karthik brings a note to Susan room when they talk and he forgoes 2 bring it!!Susan takes it and finds chocolate in it and thinks that he brought it for her!!!Adha loosae...

  112. Raji's dad come to the office hearing stupid Vishnu and meets Raji in canteen!!

    Raji dad ask her if Shen is in love with someone and make her promise if she loves someone.Raji just stares at her dad...

    1. Sorry this is not precap;(

    2. Sorry this is not precap;(

    3. I think that 2day or tmr the promo incidents would happen!!!!
      I am the 1 who wrote the update...

    4. Precap:
      Raji's father invites karthik and Vishnu for raji's wedding!!!

    5. Karumam da saami

  113. * OFFICE *

    Romance, Comedy, Drama

    Written by:

    Directed by:

    Shruthi Raj

    Theme music composer:

    Country of origin:

    Original language:

    Executive producer:


    S.Madhan Kumar


    R.Balagurunathan D.F.T


    1. Directed by Ram Vinayak
      Story advisor Bamini & Jacob

  114. kara phone call coming up tomorrow!

  115. Vijay tv telecast the this weak promo. . . Raji try to attend suicide. . In serious condition to admit hospital. .

  116. UPLOAD OFFICE PROMO TECHSATISH itss released online.



  118. office promo


  120. waiting for promo please

  121. Bad promo this week I think raji went home and karthik forget her susan still doesn't know about karthik raji love but she goes and talks to karthik mom. Karthik so sstupid why he never tell susan about raji? Where is raji?
    Promo should be Friday precap scene



    vishnu twitter


  125. Looks like office will air oct 2 waiting for updates



  128. PLS make susan villi

  129. Hello guys!!!I saw 2day office alr.
    Hate precap.
    Susan scolds Rajee and I think that she would revenge Raji for karthik.
    Stupid Susan. Nee ellam ethuku di indha mathiri pannra!!Sanniyan!!Rajee vellai vittu pooita,karthikum pooiduvan!!Appuram nee avvana enni enni varundha poora.
    Appa viewers enngaluku kondhatam


    1. I too saw the percap!I am from Sydney.
      I think Susan would make Rajee not to work anymore.
      So like vidyut said,if Rajee goes out karthik would go out too.then u will go mad and then u would commit sucrose when karthik leaves u!!


    2. U made a mistake Vishwa!!
      It must be'Then Susan would go mad and she would commit sucide when karthik leaves you!!'


  130. karthik raji romance 2day cute funny when karthik says i love you and kisses on the phone but susan hears everything not raji.

  131. promo released

  132. Oct 14 promo released for office there is office today even for ayudha pooja?? Now its raji vs susan I wish susan was silent villi that will be more suspenseful but raji superb. Upload promo ts.

  133. oct 16 episode for office please

  134. i am waiting promo

  135. Karthikeyan, Vishnu Kumar, Susan on Kedi Boys Killadi Girls Tomorrow on Vijay TV!!

    Dont miss it!!

    Promo Link


    Vishwanathan says how there is a black sheep in the company and tells HR David to find who it is.

    Lakshmi tells Karthik and Vishnu that it was Raji who leaked the company's confidential information and that they found out.

    Rest is the promo posted already.

  137. Techsatish office oda full promove upload paanago pa pls

  138. Raji forced to resign, Karthick still trusts Susan.

  139. best serial nice

  140. Office episode today ???

  141. Guys pls don't waste time watching 2day epi!!Its actually yesterday epi!!I am from Sydney and I saw the epi which is actually telecasted on 31/10 in India.If u want 2 make sure,pls watch it in case techsatish uploaded it and Vijay TV telecasted wrongl on the channel.If it is not yesterday epi pls reply to me below this comment.And sorry if it is a new epi.



    yes before it was a mistake but looks like vijay tv corrected it or it was only fault of the other vijay tv international owners.

  143. Today office very nice.
    Don't forget to c.

  144. ☀ Happy Deepavali OFFICE fans ☀ ‏

  145. Friday office episode please

  146. STARVIJAY having DIWALI SPL PROGRAM with Vijay Family

    From OFFICE team : Karthikeyan, Vishnuvardhan, Madhumila

    Picture :


  148. techsatish upload office promo please



  150. Today epi ended with suspense.
    Lakshmi says she has a surprise Diwali gift for Vishnu in the conference room.Then karthik goes to Susan cabin and gives her a Diwali gift as well.He returns to his seat an Raji asks where he went.He says he went to meet Susan and gave her a gift that will shock Susan but a happy one for Raji.At that Susan calls Raji and tells her she has a gift for her under her keyboard.Raji opens it and gets shocked.She frowns at karthik.Susan as well opens the gift that karthik give her and gets shocked.Vishnu opens the conference room door and gets shocked as well.Showing all three shocked faces the end the episode.

    My thoughts:
    Susan shocked because karthik sent her a photo of him and Raji together.
    Raji shocked because Susan sent her a photo of her and karthik together.
    Vishnu shocked because Lakshmi gave him surprise by making the girl that Vishnu was recommending to join nettech to the office.

    Akilan from Sydney


thanks for your comment !

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