Karthigai Pengal Final Episode 23-08-13
Karthigai Pengal 22-08-13
Karthigai Pengal 21-08-13
Karthigai Pengal 20-08-13
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  1. This is the NEW FORMAT of TECH-SATISH comments BLOG..

    Rather an interesting change...

    It has deleted all past comments pages..(it may bring them back..not sure)

    It has transferred past VIDEOS to a central system.. for major serials like THENDRAL, OFFICE, etc

    But not the comments...

  2. KAARTHIGAI PENNGAL .. is this serial ending or what?

    It is getting to be meaningless...

    It was RATHINAM who kidnapped MUTHU from the hostel (probably with ARTHI's help)

    But why didn't he kill him ... after taking him out of the hostel..

    He even tried to suffocate MUTHU with a pillow in the hospital..

    But now he has kept him alive ..in a room and feeding him..

    Now MUTHU has escaped...

    If the serial .. is to end this month... there are only 5 more episodes (2 this week and 3 next week)

    The last episode.. will be focused on SHENBAGA's wedding..

    So MUTHU escaping and joining the father..

    NIVI's kidnappers... out on the streets..

    how is the ending going to happen..

    this fast?.. in 5 episodes

  3. Replies
    1. Perhaps KAARTHIGAI PENNGAL had to end suddenly ..due to non-availability of SRUTHI

      I don't know..

      may be those who have watched directly on SUNTV can clarify more

  4. i watched yesterday on sun tv

    inspecter batmanaban visit ganapathy and he tell about muthu kidnap by charu

    1. ANON .. thanks..

      So TECHSATISH should be uploading it soon..may be tomorrow

  5. Inspector padmanabhan arrests Charu's pangali brother and his son, they sign a document that they will not trouble charu anymore on the property issues and Shenbhaga's mother visits the hostel to give the marriage invitation also brings sarees for all her hostel friends bought by shenbagha. Also Insp doubts on charu's husband for the recent kidnapping of Nivi...

    1. Thanks for the summary..useful indeed

      Signs are there ..serial is coming to a conclusion...

      although ARTHI-RATHINAM team .. is still in the open

  6. THEN NILAVU.. has excellent out door shooting .. in KODAI KANAL ..

    To see KODAI KANAL .. perhaps.. TN may be worth watching..

    Story is tight... hope it remains...so

  7. THEN NILVAU... SHENBAGA only appears in the TITLE MUSIC ..for a few seconds.. (not in the first episode)

    She is is trying to give dancing pose..just for a few seconds

    That video was probably taken 3 to 4 months ago...

    and I feel .. she is already showing inflexibility in her movements... and tying her saree .. like a matron..

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  9. sruthi raj enna summava poi thendralum officesum paraango pa office supera pothe enna oru kaadhal kathai superb


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